License Renewal



A handgun, and 5+ rounds of ammunition.






**Important to know!**


                                     * A health statement signed by a Doctor is required. 

                                     * The license renewal fee must be paid. Details can be found HERE

                                     * To renew a gun license for a security guard, details can be found HERE

License to carry renewal will include:




                                     • Carrying and holding instructions 

                                     • Open-fire instructions 

                                     • Pulling, stepping 

                                     • Standing, aiming and shooting. 

                                     • Discharge 

                                     • Live shooting training of 50 rounds.
                                     • It is best to reach the shooting range with all your accessories,                                                                               including old ammunition, all cartridges, additional barrels etc..









New License to carry



Congratulations, this is a big step!





                                     • The Ministry of the Interior must approve your new license.                                                         Please bring the license approval form with you to the shooting range.


                                    The Karnei Shomron Shooting Range will provide all the necessary                              training materials including:


                                     • Carrying and holding instructions
                                     • Open-fire instructions

                                     • Pulling, stepping

                                     • Standing, aiming and shooting

                                     • Discharge

                                     • Rounds of ammunition

                                     • Full Professional weapon selection consultant


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